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I want you to enjoy using this site!

As a result, it is designed to be as fast and functional as possible. Here are some hints about the site that might help you get the best use:
  • Navigation
    • The upper left of each window, under our logo, contains links helpful for navigation.
    • Please note that most pages provide an "up" link, which is the same as the "[Parent Page]" link at the bottom of each page. This link will take you to the logical page "up" in the web site (this is the page one would normally have used to get to the current page). This is very useful if you enter this site in the middle, using a bookmark or search results.
    • You may find the "MAP" a quick way to get an overview, and perhaps zoom in on the topic of interest to you.
  • Bookmarking
    • You should use the "[ Framed URL ]" or "[ Unframed URL ]" links at the bottom of a page to bookmark a page.

    • This is because when navigating any site using frames, the current URL does not always reflect the current content (the current URL is usually shown above, and is used as a default page bookmark). For example, does it say "help.html" above right now?  Click on "[ Framed URL ]" and "[ Unframed URL ]", and you will see the URL above change (you can also use the "Frame/No Frame" items at the top to toggle back and forth).
  • About Frames 
    • You may enable or disable frames using the "Frame/No Frame" item at the top of the page. Try it now! Alternatively, you may force frames on or off, or refresh, using the "[Framed URL]" and "[Unframed URL]" at the bottom of each page.
    • The "[Framed URL]" at the bottom of each page will refresh the page and show the proper full (bookmarkable) URL.

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